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Simon de Montfort shoot
Sunday 21 June 2015

Simon de Montfort

The 51st Evesham AC versus Malvern Archers for the Simon de Montfort Trophy, took place at Badsey yesterday in very mixed weather conditions! It was windy, sunny and very wet at varying times during the Western round.

38 archers took part and some excellent scores made in the challenging conditions.It was another win for Evesham AC making it 39 - 12 since 1965, althoughby a narrow margin of 71 points.

Recurve medal winners were 1st Sally Gilder,604, EAC, 2nd Paul Clay,600, Malvern, 3rd Mark Davies, EAC. Compound medal winners were 1st Dave Martel, Malvern, 2nd= Alex Lamb and Tim Keppie, EAC all three archers scored 640, but Dave scored 39 golds to Alex and Tim's 38 golds! Handcap medals went to 1st Peter Lamb, EAC, 2nd Mike Goodfellow-Smith, Malvern and 3rd Laurence Fletcher, EAC.

A BBQ and Anniversary cake rounded off an enjoyable day, despite the weather!

Simon de Montfort Trophy

Results can be found on our Results page.