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Great Weekend for the Girls at the UK Masters
Tuesday 6 June 2017

Last weekend saw the UK Masters tournament held at Lilleshall. Evesham Archery Club had three competitors, lady recurve archers Sally Gilder and Amaryllis Barton and lady compound archer Jacquie Holmes. 

The weekend started of with wonderful conditions on Saturday ready for the qualification round. Both Sally and Jacquie qualified 4th in their categories, all three ladies gained a bye for the later head to head round putting them straight through to the 1/8th round.

Amaryllis shot well but was knocked out winning 3 ends to Nadarajah's 7.

Sally managed to equal her rival in their head to head meaning a one arrow shoot off was required; whomever is closest to the centre of the target wins. It was close but Sally was knocked out shooting an 8 to Vines' 9.

Jacquie shot a close head to head against Abby Spinks but managed to pull ahead in the last 2 ends resulting in her going through to the 1/4 finals.

After an early lead to Daisy Clark, Jacquie fell behind eventually being knocked out of that round.

Day two saw tricky conditions with blustery wind and the odd rain shower. Even though this was the case, Amaryllis managed to shoot a personal best! Well done!

Due to shooting in single detail and 6 arrows all day the final leg of the Masters ended by 3pm.

Overall our ladies did very well with Sally finishing 8th and Amaryllis 14th in the ladies recurve and Jacquie finished 12th in the ladies compound.

A very well deserved congratulations to all three for competing and shooting so brilliantly.